3 Things You Need to Know When Painting Your Front Door

A front door is the most important statement piece for the curb appeal of any house! Even if you have a modest house, having a great front door will set your home apart. A lively front door is welcoming to potential buyers as well as to friends and family coming over to visit!

Here are our best front door tips:

1) Use a high gloss or semi gloss paint finish. This will be easier to clean off dust, dirt, or raindrop residue. It is also more attention-grabbing!

2) Invest in interesting door hardware. You can find unique and interesting front door hardware (knockers, door knobs, etc.) at local thrift stores or at places like Anthropologie, Terrain, or Rejuvenation. A great door knocker is a great way to add personality to your door.

3) Don’t be afraid of a bold color! A chic, glossy black makes a big statement, as does a bright yellow, emerald green, or coral red. Just make sure your siding, shutters, and front door coordinate and don’t clash.

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