5 Ways to Collect Affordable Art: A Novice’s Guide

You can have a room full of furniture, but adding wall decor is one of the essentials for creating an interesting home. Here are a few suggestions and options for the new collector:

1. Garage or Yard Sales- If you choose to stop at a yard sale, you can find some very interesting pieces that you might normally pass by. Even if they have a broken or nasty looking frame, try to look past that and see what the artwork really is. By simply getting a new frame, it can do wonders!

2. Consignment Shops- They usually have many prints and paintings for reasonable prices. Again, by simpy reframing a piece of artwork, you might be totally amazed.

3. Antique Shops- They have a variety of choices that aren’t necessarily always antiques…there could be modern pieces there as well. It’s fun to pick through their items and find a little treasure to bring home.

4. Art Galleries- By visiting galleries specializing in a type of art that appeals to your particular taste (contemporary or old world masters) you will expand your experience and might suprise yourself by being attracted to art that you might not have expected.

5. Art Shows- Go to art shows such as The Affordable Art Show, which is coming up on March 25th-29th in New York (details on our Facebook). They have a large variety of artwork to see and choose from. It’s a wonderful experience and fun to view all the possiblities.

I have purchased artwork myself from all of the above categories. It’s always a fun treasure hunt!

Where else have you found affordable art? Let us know in the box below! And please share this article with your friends!



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