Artwork has the power to evoke emotion, especially in interior design.  It can provide inspiration for the entire space. Artwork is paramount, powerful and primary in many designs created by Marilyn H. Rose Interiors. In our Long Island, Hamptons, and N.Y.C. apartment interior design projects, we are often asked by clients to design a space around a piece of beloved artwork.  In some instances, however, we actually source the piece that takes our client’s breath away. A sculpture, a painting, a framed photograph, or an art installation can really set your interior apart from others.



Creativity runs in the family at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors. Younger daughter of Marilyn Rose, Marlene Rose is a renowned glass artist. Marlene is featured in many fine galleries around the country and in Canada. Each piece is hand cast from molten glass in a spectacular process of heat and light. Marlene hopes her glass artwork will immortalize a glimpse of something fleeting, evoking a feeling in her clients of unnamed emotions, visions, concepts and memories.


Marlene Rose Designs


At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we can take these stunning art objects produced by Marlene Rose a step further with fabric, trims, and wall coverings.  The coordination of these items with the striking glass kimono sculptures gives an ideal example of how we can create a cohesive design and further “illuminate” the beauty of these pieces.


We will utilize these materials to upholster furniture pieces, create throw pillows, apply wallcoverings, and design elegant window treatments for a project.

If you want to decorate your own space but the task seems daunting (are you filled with performance anxiety?) well then, beginning with a piece of artwork, as we have done to inspire your design may be just the answer.  So check your fears at the door and jump right in!

written by:  Lynn Rosenblum

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