At The Auction

Going once, Going twice……..Sold! That is what was heard on Tuesday evening, October 30th at Echoes Antiques and Auction Gallery in Seaford N.Y. Members of the Marilyn H. Rose Interiors team scoured the auction house one day prior to the scheduled auction to preview the items in person. This particular auction included quite a bit of nostalgia. As we perused the items, I felt a sentimental yearning for a former time. Vintage tin lithographed lunch boxes, 1950’s J. Chien Hercules wind up ferris wheel, Westinghouse Coca Cola refrigerator, and Gilbert and Barker Model T-8 gas pump, were just a few items examined on this sentimental journey.

We arrived about an hour early on auction night to evaluate the competition and perform our final inspection. To encourage the audience’s feelings of nostalgia, there was even a gentleman dressed as a “soda jerk” carrying a colorful tray of drinks and ice cream sundaes greeting the crowd!


1950s Style Dinner Table and Booth

Our anticipation for the auction was heightened by the ”like yesterday” atmosphere. In addition, at Marilyn H Rose Interiors in some of our interior design Long Island, and Hamptons interior design we frequently like to mix elements from different eras. Iconic pieces often define and play an important role in the character of a space. We love to create an environment that evokes pleasant memories for our clients by providing a familiar and comfortable environment to live in. This particular auction was the perfect place to acquire some of those sentimental pieces.
As the auction proceeded, we anxiously awaited the sale of item #22- a National Candy Shop cash register restored in a Pepsi Cola motif, and #36- a Wurlitzer Juke Box in excellent working condition.

When the auctioneer began the description of item #22, my heart fluttered, and my arm flew up waving bidder paddle #74. With baited breath, I continued my battle, keeping in mind my bid cap. To my surprise and happiness, we secured both the desired cash register and juke box with the winning bid!
These two nostalgic items will certainly be a great addition to the home theater that we are designing for one of our clients! ,Marilyn H. Rose Interiors will definitely now be able to add charm and character in a creative way to this new space. Through the auction process you too will be able to design an amazing space with a unique twist, or let us find those awesome pieces for you. Email: Mhroseltd@Aol.Com

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