Bathroom Trends

At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we have found some of the best bathroom trends for 2019.  What’s a better way to kick off the new year than with a chic new bathroom design in your home!

Refreshing a bathroom doesn’t have to mean a complete gut.  In our interior design Long Island and Hamptons interior design projects we have utilized many simple ways to reinvigorate a bathroom space.  It can be as easy as replacing a tired vanity and faucet with a seductive new sink tap.



Grey and white bathrooms have been all the rage for the past few years. In 2019 we are starting to see darker tones, especially black featured in many new bathroom designs. Light fixtures, vanities, mirrors and accessories will be seen in this darker palette.


Gold fixtures are making a return in a big way.  Shades of brass and gold will adorn many bathrooms in the form of fixtures, mirrors, lighting and accessories.  Some clients prefer the warmer finish of brass or gold instead of the sleekness of chrome which can convey a cooler, more modern feel.


Exciting new tile patterns have emerged in 2019 bathroom designs.  Many individuals are finding a place for bold, patterned tile in their lives, and lately it is inside the shower or just as an accent wall.


Some new tile trends include pebble tile, mosaics, metal and semi-precious tones.  Mosaics can be made of porcelain, glass or metal with traditional motifs or modern, with varying shapes. Tiles can be made of recycled glass consistent with the trend toward sustainability.  So many amazing choices!                        

In addition, at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors we like to keep up with the latest technology in home design.  Smart toilets that have seat warmers, LED lights and motion detectors are becoming popular in residential bathrooms.  Digital faucets that reduce tap flow will conserve money and water.  Touchless technology is also being utilized.  Showers have become so sophisticated that they have LCD panels that electronically allow you to control temperature, water flow, stream and music.

There are so many more exciting trends that will emerge in 2019 bathroom designs, and we at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors are so pleased to be able to share a few with you!  So if you are ready to kick off the new year with a change in your bathroom design, we would love to take the journey with you.  Please contact us at our Email: or call 516.676.3800.


BY: Lynn Rosenblum

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