Best Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas

Your kids will love these rooms until they move out of the house!

Kid’s rooms can be a challenge to decorate if you’re not a professional decorator. Kids grow fast, and so do their tastes. They’re also notoriously hard on furniture and materials.

We’ve included our top five kid’s room decorating ideas below, using some of the kid’s rooms we’ve designed as examples!

1) Pick a Theme, but Make It Broad

We’re usually not fans of “themed” rooms in decorating, but for kid’s rooms, it makes sense. However, the theme should be broad and easy to change items in and out as the kids grow.

DO: a nautical boy’s room, like this one we designed above for a home on the water on Long Island. The campaign chests, beds, and valances are classic and would work in any space. If you wanted to freshen this room up once these boys grow, you could easily switch out the wallpaper, bedding and lamps without spending a fortune.

DON’T: Choose a theme centered around a TV show, movie, or cartoon, as kid’s tastes for these change within months or years and you’ll have to redo it once the new fad arrives!

2) Invest in a Good Bed Early On:

If you have the space, it’s a good idea to invest in at least a full-size bed early on. A good full-size bed frame and mattress can last until your kids leave for college. It’s easier to invest in a good, larger bed when you’re kid is old enough (with safety panels to prevent rolling off when they’re little), than to go from crib to toddler bed to twin size bed to full size bed.

3) Think About Sleepovers!

Our nautical boys room that we discussed above had a trundle bed underneath one of the full-size beds – perfect for sleepovers!

Bunkbeds are also another great option for fun sleepovers.

4. Invest in Lighting:

As with grownup bedrooms, lighting is important in kid’s rooms. You should have tiered lighting to create different moods, such as bedside lamps, overhead recessed lighting, as well as a decorative fixture like a chandelier or flush-mount. The overhead recessed lighting is good for when you need the best lighting to clean and find missing toys; the decorative lighting adds visual interest; and the lamps are perfect for reading bedtime stories.

This beautiful little girl’s room we designed has a sophisticated chandelier, pretty lamps, plenty of recessed lighting, as well as great natural light.

5. Think About Storage Options:

Kids have SO much stuff: clothes, shoes, school supplies, toys, arts and crafts supplies. It’s sometimes difficult to find an attractive and functional way to store them all.

We like generously-sized nightstands flanking the bed. We also really love toy chests at the foot of the bed: they’re pretty and functional. Window seats can also be made to flip up and store extra toys or bed linens inside of them as well.

Do you have a kid’s room that you need some help decorating? Give us a call at 516-676-3800 or email at for a complimentary consultation!

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