Biophilic Design

How wonderful to incorporate a design style into your space that enables you to be better at your job, and feel more connected to the natural world.  Biophilic design can accomplish just that!  It’s an innovative way to create a design that produces a natural environment that can actually reduce stress.  Humans are instinctively drawn to nature; it nurtures, calms and inspires us.  A biophilic design is very important as people spend an average of 90% of their day inside!



Biophilic design integrates a space with the available natural resources around us, including plants, water and air.  At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we have become more conscious of incorporating these elements into our current design projects.

Natural materials used in biophilic design include live and preserved plants, bark and wood.


Utilizing water features in design have been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate and improve memory restoration.


Oliver Heath                                                   


Airflow circulation has been found to keep people more awake and alert which improves focus.  In a world where we are constantly overstimulated, focus is key to productivity.

In addition, elements that mimic nature can also be beneficial to our wellbeing.  At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we frequently use natural paintings in our Hamptons Interior Design and our Long Island Interior Design projects.                                             


In today’s hectic, complex world, we can all definitely use more stimulation of the pleasure receptors in our brain!  Interior design is a great way to focus on those aspects of the natural world that have contributed to human health and productivity.  So, let us at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors help you to bring the outside in, and develop an environment that engenders an emotional attachment to the place that you inhabit! Email us at or call 516.676.3800.

Written by: Lynn Rosenblum

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