Dawn Weill

Marilyn’s Talents As An Artist Are Ever Present In Her Designs. Just The Right Amount Of Color Sprinkled Around With A Harmonic Balance Of Pieces Placed To Enhance One Another. When I Look Around Our Home, There Is A Perfect Balance And Harmony, Creating A Space That Is Warm And Inviting And Above All, Peaceful. She Is A Master Of Detail And Artisan Of Blending.

Suzy Schectman

I decorated my home years ago with Marilyn Rose, but to this day, I still love everything we’ve done together. Marilyn is extremely creative and has elegant taste, which she brings to every style that she designs.

Dr. Marilyn Moffat

The wonderful aspect of Marilyn Rose’s work is her versatility. Marilyn was and still is an artist by background so that she brings those artistic qualities to her work. She decorated my old barn with its eclectic array of furniture into a beautiful, comfortable, cohesive whole.

Anne McSweeney

Ultimately Marilyn is an enormously talented person of great integrity and ability. This is the second time in 15 years that we are redoing different parts of my home and we are working together. She is a real pleasure to work with and I have been pleased with everything she has done.

Debra Holland

Marilyn has an unequaled design sense and can work within the client’s budget. She always reflects what the client wants and delivers the product. She is easy and pleasant to work with.

Nicole Fiammetta

When I first met Marilyn, I was in a state of buyers remorse because I bought a house on the water that I hated, but wanted the location. During our meetings, Marilyn filled me with a sense of calm and helped me through the unpleasant situations.