Debuting our Upper East Side Apartment Project!

A Chic Yet Family-Friendly City Apartment
Marilyn Rose Interiors recently finished this Upper East Side apartment for one of our clients. We’re thrilled to share it with you – the sneak-peek photos we’ve been posting on social media have gotten a record number of comments and likes!
Our client’s main residence is a home we decorated for her on Long Island, and this is her city apartment. Her grandchildren live nearby, and the apartment is a perfect landing spot for late dinners and evenings at the theater. It’s also ideal to host a cocktail party for NYC-centric friends.

Our client has excellent taste and wanted a more transitional, updated feel in her new apartment. However, she has three dogs and two young grandchildren that visit often, so it was essential that the furniture and details be as pet-and-child-friendly as possible.
What do you do when you want a chic and glamorous apartment that can also withstand the wear and tear from dogs and toddlers? Call Marilyn Rose Interiors, of course!
We started by finding a fabric that could withstand anything. Our friends at Kravet Fabrics showed us a new ultra-luxurious faux leather: our sales rep rubbed dirt on it, wrote on it, even spilled nail polish on it, and it didn’t show a mark. The feel of the fabric was like a fine cloth – definitely not the cheesy vinyls of yesteryear!
Believe it or not, the cream sofa pictured here is totally pet-and-child-friendly. We accessorized it with custom pillows in a range of different textures and tones. The textured wallpaper is incredible – when you get up close, you can really see the shimmer and texture. It adds more interest than a plain wall color, but it’s more subtle than a printed wallpaper with lots of pattern on it.
The gold-toned mirrors and artwork help add a glamorous element to the room. We did a stationary roman above the window with trim detail. We added two side chairs for additional seating – they can be moved around the room as needed. In fact, all of the accessories are easily moveable, to get out of reach for curious little fingers or rambunctious Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!
The client wanted a fireplace in the apartment, so we added this contemporary gas fireplace insert in the dining area. Above the fireplace, we found a hammered tray to hang above the fireplace. This is a great alternative to artwork or a mirror! We selected a stylish chandelier above the dining room table.

The chairs are upholstered in that same indestructible leather as the sofa – no amount of spilled milk and cheerios from the grandchildren can damage it!

We found the contemporary art by artist Michelle Williams in New York City. It was a large installation of many pieces, and we selected the ones we loved most and arranged them for this space.
We used the same fabric in a different color and texture on the kitchen counter stools as well.
We’re almost finished accessorizing the two bedrooms in this apartment – stay tuned for photos of those soon, and of course if you’d like to talk to us about creating your dream home or apartment, contact us today!

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