DECORATING 101 – Gorgeous Formal Living Room Design Inspiration

This gorgeous formal living room we designed for an Old Brookville interior design client is a perennial favorite of ours.


The boiserie panels and herringbone oak floors were imported from a French chateau when the home was built – excellent bones to start the room with!


When it came time to decorate the room, I found this beautiful aubosson rug from Mirza Rugs. I decided to use it as the foundation of the room, and chose the rest of the colors to complement it.


I hired a decorative painter to come to this beautiful Old Brookville estate and finish the boiserie panels in a subtle cream-and-white strie. I also added gold leaf to the inset portions of the panels. This gave the room a touch of elegance and understated luxury.


I chose soft, warm colors in luxe fabrics for all the upholstery. We designed tiers of seating areas that allow for a large gathering with lots of lively conversation, or smaller, more intimate groupings of just a few people. The piano is perfect for parties!

For the cocktail tables, I chose complementary but NOT matching


I chose unique, eclectic accessories to use around the room. Accessories allow you to have fun and change things out often without committing to a huge, daring piece of furniture. You can find similar accessories at my online shop – click “SHOP” in the heading at the top of my website!

If you love this pretty Old Brookville interior design project, give us a call at 516-676-3800, or email us at This room is totally luxe with many fine finishes, but we are able to make a room look gorgeous on ANY budget.

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