Decorating Tips For Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, so if you haven’t made reservations yet, don’t worry about it! Coming from a mother’s perspective, I know that it isn’t the amount of money spent, but the love that went into the event. That’s really what matters. Here are a few decorating tips to help you show mom your appreciation for everything she does.

I. Set The Mood –

If you own a home with a pool or water view, this is the perfect oppotunity to take advantage of the setting. You can create casual, elegant and feminine ambiance just by holding the event outdoors. If you don’t own a pool or live directly on the water, that’s ok too. You can easily transform your backyard into a picturesque setting. There are also plently of parks, lakes and beaches all around that you can hold a lovely picnic instead. To make it even more special, add some soft music in the background.

2. Outdoor Furniture – 

If you are looking to purchase new outdoor furniture, there are plenty of stores that you can make purchases without a designer. For instance, the photo above comes from Frontgate, a luxury outdoor furniture vendor that we adore. At a source like this, you can purchase gorgeous furnishings for reasonable prices and really set the stage for a relaxing and charming party on Mother’s Day.

3. Simple Accessories – 

You do not need to spend a fortune on accessories for mom either. You can really wow her with some fresh cut flowers from the garden in a simple jar or vase; Pair it with colorfully patterned place settings and napkin rings. Just remember that if you choose a patterned plate, it may be best to pull a color from it to use as a napkin or napkin holder (as seen above). You can also create a fun visual by displaying colorful pastries and a pitcher filled with frozen fruit (in place of icecubes). These little punches of color and sweet aromas will really have mom feeling loved!

What other decorating ideas for Mother’s Day Brunch come to mind? Tell us below! And if you love Interior Design, share this blog post with your friends!



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