How to Display Your Favorite Collections

Over the years, I’ve amassed a number of unique collections. I’ve been lucky enough to travel over the years, and have found some interesting things along the way.

Many of my clients have unique collections, as well. As an interior designer, it’s part of my job to find a great way to display these items. The challenge is to showcase the collection in a way that the client can appreciate it, without creating a lot of fuss or clutter.

An obvious way to display your collection of unique coffee table books is on a bookshelf or on your coffee table. But what about using them as furniture? For this large collection of books about Egypt, I stacked the books to create a side table. I then placed an antique lamp on top. A unique and interesting way to display this collection!

I’ve amassed a large number of antique chandeliers in my travels – the best way to display these beauties is to hang them up! If you find an antique chandelier, you might need to get it rewired by an electrician to insure safety, or electrified if it was originally for candles only. This usually isn’t too expensive. I love being able to look at these every day!

I found these crests and immediately bought up the whole stock! I got them matted and framed and decided to hang them in a long hallway in a row. They’re definitely conversation pieces that make a huge statement! Each crest has a description in French of the family name, which could be researched.

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