When You Find a Fabric You Adore

When you find a fabric you love, as an interior designer, I say, GO BIG!

My team and I worked on this Garden City home and the client loved the fabric we used on the curtains. We based the rest of the room around this print!

  • Don’t be afraid to use a fabric in other parts of the room. You’ll see that I also used this fabric on the armchair. When you’re working with a bold print like this, it’s nice to use it around the rest of the room to help tie the room together.
  • Make sure the tones of the room complement each other. The rich, warm tones in the wood paneling and bookshelves complement our main fabric quite well.
  • Complement the rest of the fabrics with your main fabric – don’t compete! Our main fabric was the only bold fabric we used in this room. The rest of the fabrics complement it, but don’t compete with it.
  • We used a lot of rich brass in this room: the curtain rods, the picture frames, the fireplace tools, the telescope. The warmth of the brass helps bring out the yellow tones in our main fabric.

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