Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes on Veterans Day

A few months ago, I was watching News 12 and saw a feature about a young boy on Long Island who raised money for a local veteran’s organization ahead of his Bar Mitzvah.

I was so touched by this that I looked up the organization, United Veterans Beacon House of Long Island. This is a wonderful organization whose mission is to provide temporary and permanent residence for U. S. Military veterans and to provide emergency, transitional and permanent residence for families (including men, women and children) and single men and women.

The UVBH offers a wide range of services to our local heroes. I’m proud to support this organization. Marilyn Rose Interiors has donated to the UVBH’s food pantry and donated gift cards to local fast food restaurants for the organization to give out to the homeless veterans whom UVBH serves. Sometimes these veterans just need a hot meal at the end of the day, and we’re proud to do our part to support them.

I recently attended the UVBH Annual Gala. It was a fantastic event – I had so much fun, and it was another great way to support the UVBH and Long Island’s veterans!

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