It’s All In The Details

Having a fireplace is a wonderful pleasure on a cold night; but adding the details of the perfect accessories, makes it even more inviting. This is how to accessorize your mantel.

1. Start with a Bare Mantel

As you can see, our fireplace looks cozy with just the picture above it, but we’ve cleared our mantel so you can see the before and after.

2. Start with a Few Accessories

We start to add a few accessories to begin the process, then find more pieces that feel compatible together. You probably have them around the house, in different locations; so just take a look and you might be surprised at what you have available to fill in the spaces

3. Find More that Feel Compatible

We then added an antique box in the middle, two Staffordshire dogs on either side and a mixture of different height antique candle sticks. By adding miniature vases with sprigs of Lily of the Valley, it softens the look.

We hope you find these vignettes interesting and helpful and we would love to see how you accessorize your own mantel this winter. Remember…it’s all in the details! Leave a note below and show us what you’ve done.

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