Meet Me in the BOUDOIR

Looking back over my career, many people have questioned me as to which room or style I prefer to create. As far as styles are concerned, I enjoy working with most styles, with the exception of only a few (my secret).


But if I had to choose a specific room that I love creating more than others, I’d have to say the Master Bedroom. It can be luxurious, romantic, and a wonderful calming retreat where one can relax after a long day.

I prefer soft and subtle colors that are interesting but not intrusive, as opposed to bold colors. I know people are using a very bright palette these days and I feel happy using them myself, but in other areas of the home.

Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary…a place that welcomes and calms you and invites you to start and end your day in a peaceful manner.

What do you add to your bedroom to relax?



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