Mixing Antiques with Modern Furnishings

Mixing antiques with modern furnishings creates an exciting and eclectic room.

If you feel your personal style has changed with the times, or you are down-sizing, you don’t need to discard everything you have!

Recently, I had a chat with Debbie at my favorite antique store and we were discussing the changes in our industry. This particular store has fabulous fixtures, furniture and accessories. At this moment, they’re featuring their art deco pieces that are extremely compatible in a contemporary setting. Asian furnishings are being used as well in conjunction with modern pieces, mainly because of its clean lines.

Also, perhaps you have a bronze and crystal chandelier, thinking you need to replace it…not so! You could remove some of the crystals, making it a lot less elaborate; thus, stream-lining it and recycling it as an accent in your home.

This is a perfect example of the marriage between contemporary furnishings and antiques. This feels extremely current, but the accessories (the Venetian mirror, the sconces, the candle sticks and the ceiling fixture) are all antiques.

This photo shows a contemporary sofa, modern cocktail table, coupled with an antique end table. There are assorted antique accessories around the room, which include the dolphin bookends (1860) as well as a variety of other accessories located below the very contemporary painting (Tom Wesslemann)

This modern room feels very contemporary with all these unusual antique accessories.

So be brave, observe what could be simplified (that you already have) and mix your antiques with modern furnishings.

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