A Perfect Design From Start to Finish

Over the years, I’ve created many interiors. Some jobs, I must admit, I’ve loved more than others (which comes with the territory, I think). Of course there is the issue of the aesthetics and then there is the love affair with the clients. This project encompassed both.

Sometimes you really get lucky and have both of these ingredients at the same time. One of these happy experiences is pictured on this TV show. This project is not the typical scenario, as we also do one room at a time and even just accessories – at varying stages of the design process. However, it was the perfect canvas from start to finish, a “designers dream”.

This client wanted everything designed and fabricated during the construction phase. I worked on this project over 18 months from only blueprints. I designed all the furnishings, chose all the fabrics, faux finishes, window treatments, and accessories, etc. and had everything in storage until the “moment of truth”; theinstallation phase. I had two weeks to deliver, install, and complete the whole house. It was done on schedule and the client was extremely happy 🙂 🙂 🙂



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