Refreshing Blue and White Inspiration for Any Summer Home

I was flipping through Veranda’s latest issue and I saw SO much blue and white! This is a perfect trend and color scheme for summer. Here are my favorite ways to use blue and white in home decor:

  1.  Chinoiserie – there are so many great sources for Chinoiserie, from wildly expensive antiques to inexpensive reproductions. You can use vases, urns, even chinoiserie-printed fabric.
  2. Upholstery – I love the look of blue contrast cord on a white linen sofa (or vice versa!).
  3. Pillows – There are a plethora of blue and white fabrics at a designer’s fingertips. Whether your home is sleek and contemporary or traditional, we’re able to find the perfect blue-and-white for you.
  4. Tablecloths and napkins – you can go custom or buy ready-made. A blue and white tablecloth is gorgeous with white china and crystal stemware!
  5. Tile – there are so many great sources for blue and white tiles for bathrooms, backsplashes, and kitchens!

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