Roland Auctions NY

Going once, Going twice……..Sold! Auctions are a great way to enrich contemporary, or any design with timeless antiques. At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we frequently attend auctions to find those special pieces. Incorporating antiques into contemporary settings can add character, charm, and history to an otherwise cold interior. Over the years, we have successfully utilized many of our finds in our interior design Long Island and Hamptons interior design.

Roland Auctions NY

We like to visit the auction house a few days prior to the event for a preview. A catalogue is provided with descriptions, dimensions, and a number for each item that will be sold at the auction. Dimensions of the pieces are very helpful in allowing you to decide beforehand whether items that you may be interested in will be appropriate for your design project. In addition, other items may be purchased for future designs. With catalogue in hand and a numbered paddle, we can return to our studio and educate ourselves prior to auction day. Doing your homework is very important! Try to familiarize yourself with the pieces that you desire, and their value.

#36 Provincial –Style slipper chair with leopard upholstery A “wow” addition to a traditional design.

Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we have learned that to avoid getting caught up in the bidding frenzy it is a
good idea to make a notation in the catalogue next to the items that you are interested in with your price cap.
This is a great auction tip to help avoid buyer’s remorse!

#315 Modern Mirrored vanity, mirror and bench What a great addition these pieces would be for a “Glam Design”!

Buying at an auction has economic advantages too! An auction allows one to bypass the middleman. These auction pieces would sell at a much higher price if purchased in a retail shop. In addition to the economic advantages, buying at auction also allows us to continue in our goal at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors to support sustainability in our designs. Recycling and upcycling formerly loved items is a great way to incorporate “green” design.
At Marilyn H. Interiors we love to elevate our designs with unexpected or original finds to create truly dynamic spaces. The auction house is a great place to acquire that perfect piece. We hope that you will explore auctions for your space, pick up a paddle and bid on an item that truly enhances your design. Good Luck!

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