How Do I Start To Create a Room?

Over the years, many people have asked me how I begin to create a room. People are curious about how the process works.

Generally speaking, I either work from a fabric that the client loves or a chosen rug that has a pattern.

If I work from a fabric, I pull the colors out that I feel are dominant. In past seminars that I’ve led, I’ve explained to students how this works. After we’ve made our choices, I stand at least 5 feet back from it, because that gives you a totally different perspective. The eye automatically removes a lot of the superfluous colors when you are standing at a distance. I never view a fabric within arms length, because in reality it’s not how the eye interprets it in the room. From there, I am able to tell which colors are dominant and which will work well as accents to the main fabric.

With rugs, I basically do the same thing and handle the process the same way. It is actually easier to see the dominant colors in a rug than fabric, because you are seeing it from a distance already.

This has worked over the years for me, but I’m sure others have different methods for starting their process.

Please comment + share a photo of a fabric or rug you love which has inspired you! And don’t forget to share the post with your friends…Thank you and have a wonderful week.



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