Marilyn has an unequaled design sense and can work within the client’s budget. She always reflects what the client wants and delivers the product. She is easy and pleasant to work with. We’ve had a long lasting relationship as she did my first home and now we are building another one, so we contacted Marilyn to do our new home. We are looking forward to a wonderful outcome.

When I first met Marilyn, I was in a state of buyers remorse because I bought a house on the water that I hated, but wanted the location. During our meetings, Marilyn filled me with a sense of calm and helped me through the unpleasant situations. Our relationship is one of trust, as she walked me through all of the issues of rebuilding and renovating this house, with her ability to choose the right solutions and guide me towards a beautiful conclusion (never pushing me, only suggesting). The home went from a non-descript modern house to a beautiful “Hampton’s Shingle-Style House” (my dream home!) She made the process so enjoyable and a pleasure to experience and in addition, we have a beautiful relationship.

The wonderful aspect of Marilyn Rose’s work is her versatility. Marilyn was and still is an artist by background so that she brings those artistic qualities to her work. She decorated my old barn with its eclectic array of furniture into a beautiful, comfortable, cohesive whole. I have seen a great deal of her work, and she is truly a master of design whether it be English Country, French Provincial, Ultra Modern, or anything in between. She willingly works with and for her clients using her talents and services all the while respecting her clients’ wishes and needs to achieve the best that she has to offer in interior design.

I decorated my home years ago with Marilyn Rose, but to this day, I still love everything we've done together. Marilyn is extremely creative and has elegant taste, which she brings to every style that she designs. What sets her apart in my opinion, is that she didn't look for the most expensive solutions, but searched for what would be the best for the project in a wide range of price points. She incorporated furnishings I already owned, as well as an antique collection I inherited. She created a most beautiful environment for me in a seamless manner. The ultimate results were wonderful and I couldn't be happier.

We met Marilyn Rose two years ago and asked her to accessorize our home. We had previously worked with another decorator but we were never satisfied with the outcome. As we worked with Marilyn, we felt very comfortable with her and her style. We were thrilled with the initial results and decided to redo the existing furnishings and added what was necessary to complete the project. We ultimately did draperies, added furniture and all the accessories that made our house a beautiful home. We never thought we would be living in a home that is as inviting and lovely as ours.

Marilyn's Talents As An Artist Are Ever Present In Her Designs. Just The Right Amount Of Color Sprinkled Around With A Harmonic Balance Of Pieces Placed To Enhance One Another. When I Look Around Our Home, There Is A Perfect Balance And Harmony, Creating A Space That Is Warm And Inviting And Above All, Peaceful. She Is A Master Of Detail And Artisan Of Blending.

Ultimately Marilyn is an enormously talented person of great integrity and ability. This is the second time in 15 years that we are redoing different parts of my home and we are working together. She is a real pleasure to work with and I have been pleased with everything she has done.