Our limited edition Marilyn Rose Signature Candles have arrived and are up in our shop!

These are luxury candles – when designing and selecting them, I wanted to make sure that they would be something luxe that I would want to use in my own home or the homes of my clients.

  • Made in the USA
  • All-Natural soy candle with no artificial dyes
  • A subtle lily-of-the-valley scent with subtle notes of wisteria
  • Arrives to you in a gorgeous gift box, tied with a ribbon – the perfect gift!
  • We are sending them out with free shipping!

I have never liked strong scents in candles or fragrances, so when designing this candle I wanted to create one that was subtle and fresh, not cloying or heavy. Lily-of-the-valley was my mother’s favorite flower, and the namesake of my beloved yorkie, Lily Rose.

My team and I tested out many different scents, label designs, and box ideas. I finally selected the ones you see here as the final product, one I’m proud to offer to my friends and beloved customers!

Click here to shop these beautiful candles – get yours today!

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