Tips for Designing a Great Room with a Growing Family

Many times couples think that they have to wait until their children are grown up to decorate their home. This is definitely a misconception that I hear a lot from young couples. It is possible to furnish a great room for young families with children that is not only beautiful, but also user friendly. In my opinion, a design is only as good as it functions. It must meet the needs of the family using it.

 Photo Credit: West Elm – Modern Weave Storage Large Lidded Basket

1. Furniture – Choose furniture pieces that are child-safe, beautiful, and built well. A sofa or table with good bones that is built well will last throughout the years. A good designer will recommend a product that will be appropriate for your kind of usage.

2. Fabrics – Choose fabrics with a high abrasion rating with a pattern that will hide stains. You don’t want to choose silk or light colors…you will find yourself replacing it in just a few years. Also, don’t choose the least expensive upholstery; that’s where people frequently go wrong. Remember that your family is going to be congregating in the great room most of the time. It is important to invest in your furniture so that it will last over time. You can always re-upholster a well built piece down the line, which is much cheaper than disposing of it and buying new every 5 years. Lastly, have your upholstery sealed with Scotchguard so that if there are any unlucky accidents, your furniture can be cleaned much more easily.

3. Storage – To keep the great room looking neat, have storage units that can convert for adult enteraining  as well as large covered baskets where toys can be stored. You can easily find beautiful baskets for reasonable prices at places like West Elm (baskets above), Ethan Allen, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Pier 1 Imports, and Homegoods.

4. Accessories – When choosing accessories for your great room, try to look for pieces that are beautiful, (again) child-safe, yet affordable. Over the years you might want to start with less and add more as the children grow. There are many stores that you can visit by yourself or with your designer to find beautiful, yet affordable accessories that won’t be missed if broken.

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