The Top 10 Reasons You Need to Hire an Interior Designer

Luckily, we’re here to help explain it to you!

Why work with Marilyn Rose Interiors if you’re in the middle of a new construction project?

  • We help you furniture plan – so all the outlets you’re paying your electrician a lot of money to install are actually behind where your nightstands will end up, not across the room.
  • We design custom millwork and moldings, so that your wainscoting is unique and to the perfect scale of your room.
  • We specify the light fixtures to ensure that all the work is done before the contractors leave. Having a contractor come back to wire for a chandelier because you forgot to pick one out = not good!
  • We are a full-service interior design firm. Our full-service option means that when you walk into your house after it’s been built and decorated, it is ready for interior design!
  • What does “Design Consultation” mean?
  • You’ve bought furniture but aren’t sure if it fits in your room or goes with the rest of your space.
  • You have a fabric you like for your window treatments, but you don’t know how to incorporate it into the rest of the house.

What if I just want a little “facelift” for my room, not a whole renovation?

  • This is ideal for the client who would like us to come in and accessorize their space with home accessories, artwork, etc.
  •  Our team will accessorize and style your room or home for a pulled-together look. We will begin by looking at existing artwork and decorative accessories you already have and re-working them around the room for a fresh look.
  • We have accrued vast resources of artists, antiques sources, and to-the-trade-only vendors – if you want anything new, we can specify it for you.

Does this all cost ten zillion dollars?

No! We pride ourselves on being able to work with clients of all budget ranges.

Interested in scheduling a consultation? Give us a call at 516-676-3800.

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