Top Reasons to Move to Long Island’s Gold Coast!

I’m very excited to share our newest feature in Hamptons Magazine with you!

I was thrilled to participate in this roundtable event with some wonderful real estate and design professionals.


The topic was young families moving to the Gold Coast, and what they are looking for in their homes.

I personally love historical homes. The way homes were built years ago is of such high quality (especially compared to the way some things are built today)!

I’ve lived on the Gold Coast for a very long time, and I adore it here. The quality of life can’t be beat, the school districts are some of the best in the country, and if you need to reach the Hamptons or the city, you’re only a short drive or train ride away.

Click here to read the article, and if you and your young family are ready to make the move to the Gold Coast, click here to learn more about our design services!

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