Travels with Marilyn – Holiday Edition – Christmas in Greece

This past summer, I traveled to Greece to visit friends. We had an incredible time! In the spirit of my trip, I’ve decided to share some interesting Greek holiday traditions.

Many Greek people celebrate Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Greek children travel from house to house spreading good cheer and singing carols.

Greek families usually keep a fire burning during the Christmas season. This fire keeps away the Killantzaroi, mischievous goblins that sneak through the chimney and cause trouble.

Since there are many fishermen in Greece, the Greek fishing ships sometimes are decorated in Christmas lights. The patron saint of sailors is – you guessed it- St. Nicholas.
There are many fun festivals throughout Greece during the holiday season.
Greek food is wonderful, and the Christmas feast is no exception. Many Greek people enjoy roasted lamb or pork. There are many delicious Greek pastries and desserts that are shared. There’s also Christopsomo, or Christ Bread, a delicious sweet bread often decorated with a cross.

Visiting Greece is always a special occasion, but is especially wonderful during the holiday season!

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