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Why A Turnkey Home May Be Right for You

Picture this: you’ve just closed on a beautiful apartment with killer views, and you’re thrilled to start using it as your weekend getaway. The problem? It’s totally empty, with no furniture, empty walls, and nothing on the windows. You’re extremely busy and don’t have the time to spend months and months decorating your second home.

Guess what? A turnkey home might be right for you! Marilyn Rose Interiors specializes in concierge-level service for turnkey homes.

What does turnkey mean? It’s when you purchase a home or apartment, and your interior designer does all the work for you – when you enter, it’s fully furnished down to the bedsheets and towels.

Turnkey renovations are becoming increasingly popular, especially for buyers of weekend or vacation homes. Next time the Uber drops them off outside their new spot, they want to head upstairs, kick their feet up, and relax on the sofa – not spend months coordinating furniture delivery and painters from afar.

Turnkey renovations are also popular with buyers from outside the United States – they don’t have to worry about customs and shipping overseas, as we do it for them from here!
Realtors and developers are also loving turnkey options. When buyers see a model home fully furnished and outfitted, it’s much easier to sell the unit than it is a blank space with no furniture at all. Sometimes, they’re able to sell homes fully furnished as well – when you’re purchasing a home for $5 million, an extra $250,000 for all the high-end furniture inside, and the ability to move in right away, is an attractive deal.
Marilyn Rose Interiors designed the models for the Gracewood development on Long Island’s Gold Coast. These models helped the brokers sell the models much faster than they would have had they sat empty – most homebuyers can’t envision furniture layouts in a blank space. A well-designed model does the work for them.
The benefit of turnkey homes is that they take away the headache for the buyer. It’s effortless ownership – you purchase the home, and Marilyn Rose Interiors takes care of all of the project management and stress.
We recently completed an apartment in Manhattan for a client who utilized our turnkey service. When she arrived to her new weekend home, she didn’t have to worry about a thing! The linen closet was stocked, the bed was made, and the television was hooked up.
Whether you’re a buyer looking for a headache-free turnkey home or a broker/developer searching for gorgeous model homes that will sell quickly, Marilyn Rose Interiors is available for a complimentary consultation!

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